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Diamond 0/3x nagylátószög / Diamond 0/3x wide angle lens

Diamond 0/3x nagylátószög / Diamond 0/3x wide angle lens

Diamond 0,3x nagylátószög / Diamond 0,3x wide angle lens

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57 000,00 Ft

Diamond 0,3x nagylátószög / Diamond 0,3x wide angle lens


0,3-as nagylátószög. Ideális lencse az ejtőernyőzés minden szakágához. A lencse hossza nincs 10 mm, ezzel szinte teljesen kizárt az elakadás lehetősége. A lencse egy üvegből készül, így párásodása kizárt. Teljesen zoom-on történő használata esetén a kép szélei élesek, talán még nyoma sincs a vinegtálás effektusának.

25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, 37mm and 40.5mm. (40.5mm is $189.99). menetátmérővel kapható.


A termék ára: 180$

With a wide angle lens, you can more easily include foreground subjects and emphasize the distance to the background. A wide angle lens has a shorter focal distance than a normal lens. From any given spot an image is made with a wide angle lens, it includes more field of view than with a normal lens. The Diamond 0.3x� produces a 110-degree field of view, the Stealth 0.5x ver.2� produces a 67-degree field of view and the Platinum 0.2x�  produces a 180-degree field of view (actual field of view depends on your camcorder's specifications). Whether you prefer to use the Diamond 0.3x�, the Stealth 0.5x ver.2� or the Platinum 0.2x� depends on how far away you think you might usually want to be from your subject.

The Diamond 0.3x�, the Stealth 0.5x ver.2� and the Platinum 0.2x� wide angle lenses are useful for taking pictures where space is limited.  As an example, a wide angle lens would be ideal if you were taking video of your family in your living room, as you are only able to stand so far away from your subjects.

As it may be advantageous to get as much as possible in your image, anything from the first person perspective is an ideal situation for the Diamond 0.3x� and Platinum 0.2x�. If you are wearing any sort of hand/helmet/belly/body mount, the Diamond 0.3x� and Platinum 0.2x� will allow you a very full image. In close action/extreme sports are shot exceptionally well with both lenses.  The same is true for any interview-type situation. 

Choosing between the Diamond 0.3x� and Platinum 0.2x� depends on the amount of field of view required relative to a fish-eye effect.  The Platinum 0.2x� is significantly wider than the Diamond 0.3x�, and has a minimal distortion fish-eye (curvature) effect.  The Diamond 0.3x� will allow the widest field of view possible with only minimal barrel distortion (no fish-eye effect).

The Stealth 0.5x ver.2� is useful for gaining a wide field of view, but not needing to be 'right on top of the situation'.  The Stealth 0.5x ver.2� has no barrel distortion. 

Some of the uses of our lenses are:  Personal Home Use, Professional Film Production, Skydiving, B.A.S.E Jumping, Paragliding, Hangliding, Skateboarding, Aerobatic Cockpit Filming, Formula 1, Model Aircraft Perspectives, Military Applications, BMX, Motocross and much more.

Both lenses are able to zoom in only until the half-way point. This is a limitation due to the nature of a low-profile wide angle lens.

A wide angle lens is a necessary addition to any vidoegrapher's arsenal. We hope you will find the Diamond 0.3x�, the Stealth 0.5x ver.2� and the Platinum 0.2x� assets to your camcorder videography.

Compare the  of
the Platinum 0.2x/Diamond 0.3x/Stealth 0.5x ver.2�
(based on a 1/4 inch CCD)

Don't de-value your footage

Avoid Vignettes!

Royal Lens
No Wide Angle
Stealth 0.5x ver.2�
Diamond 0.3x�
Platinum 0.2x�


Compare the Field of View of
Diamond 0.3x/Stealth 0.5x ver.2�
with other Wide Angle Lenses


No Wide Angle

Stealth 0.5x ver.2�




Diamond 0.3x�
Comparison images are based on the camera's and the lens' initial point of non-vignette. All images shot with a Sony DCR-PC5.

Some images of �other lenses� show a slight vignette (black corners), their technical field of view would be exactly 'less the vignette' (slightly less wide of an image than shown).

The Diamond 0.3x� is shown zoomed full wide and has absolutely no vignette.*