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Turned On

Turned On

Turned On

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Turned On

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In-your-face indication - Keep your eyes on the action -- and finally stop worrying about your camera. Turned On uses a super-bright, three-color LED indicator, which shines blue for “standby/ready,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”
Preemptively indicates problems - A blinking yellow light warns you before problems become disasters. You’ll never again be caught off-guard by the four most common errors: the wrong mode, a low battery, low memory card space, and high camera temperatures.
Eliminates frustrating surprises - Missing card? Accidentally left the camera in “settings” mode? A solid yellow LED lights up when recording is not possible, so you won’t miss the shot.
Built to last - Turned On’s adjustable, rubberized display, and ABS encased electronics were designed specifically for extreme sports, by professional extreme sports cameramen.
Custom back seals and protects - The polycarbonate, water-resistant back keeps the camera secure and dry.
Sips power - Turned On’s highly efficient design uses minimal power from the camera -- and only does so when it’s powered on. The Turned On accessory never needs to be charged. It’s always on standby, ready for the action!
Hardwired, for your peace of mind - Turned On’s hardwired design takes away the nagging worry of interference (or Wi-Fi dropouts).


The electronics are the same in both versions of Turned On by HYPOXIC. The backs are tailored to your particular case.

GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver - (Turned On H3+/H4)
(MAC Installer / PC Coming soon)

GoPro HERO3+ Black - (Turned On H3+/H4)

GoPro HERO3 Black - (Turned On H3)

More models to come upon demand


Price: 130 euro