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Kameras kesztyo GoPro Hero 1-2 / Handcam glove for single GoPro Hero HD camera

Go Pro HD Hero 1-2 kameras kesztyu / Handcam glove for single GoPro Hero HD camera


Ara: 155 USD

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31 000,00 Ft

Handcam glove for single GoPro Hero HD camera


This glove provides a secure, snag resistant, yet easily accessible hand mount for the GoPro HD Hero camera. Three sizes are available: Small, Medium and Large.

Sample video shot using this glove:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjCc2mY uREc

Standard color schemes are Red/Black or Black/Black.

This glove now comes completely pre-assembled, with its own lens protector and bezel ring. Old assembly instructions are available below, but disregard the requirements to remove parts from your GoPro housing. Now your camera can be easily swapped back and forth from the glove to your GoPro housing without need for assembly/disassembly of lens protector parts.
Old assembly instructions

Typical delivery time: 2-4 weeks. where they are kept in stock. Currently selling in US only, ground shipping & handling charges: $12 anywhere in continental US. If you'd like to buy a glove without this wait, or if you're purchasing from outside the US, purchase from Chutingstar.com, where these gloves are kept in stock.


Price: 155 USD


- direct access to memory card without need to remove camera from glove
- direct access to USB port: simply pop open the snap and plug in the cable
- transparent front panel allows easy access to power/mode button, LCD
    screen, and activity light
- Lycra panel allows insertion of camera to glove without fear of scratching
    the lens
- Adjustable sizing with buckle allows use with or without a glove underneath